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ETA Expert Insights: Selling in a Crowded Marketplace – Guidance for ISOs

The payments industry is advancing at a rapid pace as new technologies and players enter the space quicker than ever. The industry is no longer characterized by traditional banks and ISOs; instead, processing companies have become more advanced and are able to offer a variety of features to their merchants.


At the same time, newer companies like Square and Stripe have entered the payments ecosystem, charming business owners with their ease of use and aesthetic. Amidst this competition, however, there are massive untapped opportunities. Given the advent of business software, POS systems, and sophisticated APIs, the payments ecosystem is rapidly evolving toward a more partner-centric business model.


Succeeding in this new environment requires a shift in sales strategy mindset. Below, we explore how to do this effectively in a crowded marketplace.

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Straight Talk for ISOs Continues


ISOs need payment solutions that enable their merchants to serve customers in both physical and digital environments—contactless payments offer the transaction speed merchants want and the touch-free feature consumers desire.

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More Straight Talk for ISOs: Maintaining a Relationship during a Crisis


Failure to communicate with customers during a crisis can come at a high cost including, lost business and lack of trust. First American's Angela Carranza and Ross Paul are keeping customers top of